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The Nanorobotics laboratory is currently looking for Master and Ph.D. candidates on the following projects (Jobs available now):

Contact :

Prof. Sylvain Martel,
Madam Neila KAOU,

Indicate the project and start date. Include in your mail CV, academic results and motivations

1- 3D Interconnections Project

You wish to work on the next generation of microelectronic components, participate at their miniaturization. The nanorobotic laboratory is looking for Ph.D. and Master's students with exceptional qualities for the optimization of a robotic computerized platform for the fabrication of a new generation of 3D interconnections. Main responsibilities aim at: Fine-tunning the nanofabrication platform; thermal, electrical and mechanical characterization of the interconnections and system integration for high-throughput fabrication.

Qualifications: Physics, Computer and Electrical engineering.

2- MR-Sub Project : Brain-machine Interface

New wireless brain-machine interface using specialized micro/nano-biosensors. The proposed research project aims at developing a wireless autonomous endovascular device guided by a magnetic imaging resonance system (MRI) towards the brain in order to read cerebral activity. A method to measure and transmit physiological data allowing the reading of cerebral activity (such as O2 or PH levels) using this device will be developed in this project as well.

Qualifications: High level PhD candidate, knowledge in signal treatment, antennas and transmission, etc., a plus. Physics engineering, Biomedical engineering, ...

3- MR-Sub Project: Computerized Platform

Conception and integration of specialized modules for a computer platform designed for the navigation of capsules in the blood vessels for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to cancer tumors. Work on a modified clinical Magnetic Resonnance Imaging (MRI) system.

Qualifications : The candidate is an exceptional software designer and programmer. Master or Ph.D. level, the doctorate student will also be involved in the conception of test experiments ans algorithm conception.

  • Financial support included at maximum levels recommended by the NSERC, plus 25% bonus on scholarship amounts obtained by the student.