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The NanoRobotics Laboratory is divided onto four facilities on the University Campus. Although these facilities are integral parts and managed by the Laboratory, other infrastructures inside and outside the University Campus are also used regularly by the personnel of the NanoRobotics Laboratory for research and development purposes.


The 175 m2 main facility of the NanoRobotics Laboratory is located in room M4409 (phone: 514-340-4711 ext. 5029) on the fourth floor of the MacKay-Lassonde Buildings. Additional offices (Director, support personnel) are in proximity.

This facility consists mainly of:

• 32 computer stations connected to a network with access to several computer-based software packages required for research and development in various disciplines (mechanics, electronics, etc.)
• Mechanical workshop
• Small chemistry laboratory
• Biology section with incubation, microscopy, and particles counting facilities
• Electronics circuit boards prototyping facility consisting of a computer-based Protomat 95S/II plotter and an electroplating platform
• Several custom computer-based platforms for nanorobotics research
• Custom environmental platform for Helium and/or Nitrogen-based cooling
• Custom class 10 (clean room) chamber with automatic environmental control
• Custom 3G acceleration, 300 nanometers precision robotic platform with laser sensors
• 0.1 nanometer precision robotic platform
• Computer-controlled optical microscopy platform with robotic, imaging, and custom software modules


The 160m2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility of the NanoRobotics Laboratory will soon be located in room JAB-1141 of the J.-Armand Bombardier Building also known as the Technolopole. This unique facility is mainly dedicated to tests for the navigation of untethered devices and magnetotactic bacteria in the blood vessels with an upgraded MRI platform for the development and validation of new therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

This facility consists mainly of:

• A 1.5 T Siemens Magnetom Sonata clinical MRI system with various antennas and custom software modules
• Additional custom gradient coils for 3D propulsion of small ferromagnetic particles in capillaries
• Additional custom 3D coils system for magnetic bacteria swimming direction control
• Pumps, infrared camera for hyperthermia applications, motion detection systems for real-time registration
• One computer room with various electronic systems, two sets of MRI amplifiers, and cooling systems
• One control room with several computer consoles connected to the main facility network
• One assembly room with platforms for the development of 3D phantoms
• One room for biology

MicroBiology Lab

The microbiology lab is equipped with state of the art fermenters and accessories for magnetotactic bacteria cultivation. Our facility can produce continuous batch of MC-1 bacteria in large volume for in vivo drug delivery procedures. The lab can also provide drug attachment solution and encapsulation service for custom applications.


The 3D Nanofabrication facility is equipped with a multiphoton polymerization 3D printer based on LASER Zentrum Hannover technology. Structures with feature smaller than one micron can be written in photo sensitive polymer in full 3D.


The machining laser facility of the NanoRobotics Laboratory is located in class 100 clean room at JAB-1141 of the J.-Armand Bombardier Building also known as the Technolopole. The main equipment consists of a Resonetics Excimer laser system.